About Artist

I am interested in the symbiosis of dualities: the natural and man-made, old and new, east and west, departure and arrival, and how this can be investigated through alternative materials and methods of making. Overall, my work aims to skew views, to engage myself and others to look at things differently, whether that be through the consideration of an alternative material, through challenging preconceived notions of value or through looking in a different direction to see what appears. My practice is about asking questions and creating a forum where those questions can play out in a three-dimensional, visual form.
My current bodies of work are material explorations utilizing the remaining offcuts discarded from product design. While these small, irregular pieces have become useless to their original intent and are destined for waste, they are the perfect scale and form for their new lives as jewellery, wearable art. My recent fascination with using these plastics and polystyrenes as new materials is out of respect to their inherent durability and longevity. For me, this makes them precious materials rather than disposable ones. These days, we are surrounded by many, many things, constantly available to us, easily consumed then disposed of and repeatedly replaced. I feel a responsibility as a maker, creating and adding more things into this world that I look to what materials can be repurposed and looked at in a new light.